Johny Nguyen - Owner/Operator
13 Boanyo Avenue Kiama
MOB- 0438 013 1232
ABN. 50389279311
We remove graffiti first time every time
We use less water and can carry up to 350 liters of our own water
Our chemicals are biodegradable
We are Jotafloor certified applicators
Pressure Cleaning
Servicing the Illawarra Region, Wollongong and the South Coast - From Helensburgh To Sussex Inlet, Southern Highlands, Wollondilly & Macarthur Regions
Graffiti removal using world leading chemicals
High pressure hard surface hot and cold water blasting
Roof Restoration
Anti graffiti coating
All Surface Preparation, cleaning and coating (eg: non slip)
Paint stripping (surface preparation for rendering)
Drain clearing
Acid Washing
External house cleaning (washing)
Rotor Cleaning
Heavey Equipment Cleaning (washing)
Sanitising of hard surfaces
Dry dock boat washing
Full time painting service
All our workers are Rail Industry Safety Inducted and we can deliver
Non Slip on edges of stairs
Paint coping with non slip
Paint – “MIND YOUR STEP” (stencil)
“BEWARE OF THE GAP” (stencil)
Paint – Yellow Line
Paint car markers
Prepare and paint platform seats (2pack finish)
Line marking
Disabled signs
Any painting of interior of exterior of buildings
Painting toilets in 2 pack anti graffiti paint

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